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Venti Solutions has a fast growing list of customers that cuts across a variety of vertical markets and business sizes. The following markets and businesses are currently served by Venti, across five continents.


IT Service Firms

Venti has clearly found the right combination of simplicity and powerful support features (for both on-demand and 24/7 access) to add significant value for IT service firms. Ranging from small independent IT shops to larger full service managed service firms, this category of customers finds great benefits from Venti. Of key importance is low cost, world class software, and the ease of use (for both the support person and especially the non-technical remote customer). Venti allows these customers to solve problems remotely, increase revenues, as well as save time and money, while providing greatly increased customer satisfaction.


Software Companies

Software companies all over the world have found Venti to be exactly what they have been looking for. Typically, end customers do not have any IT relationship with the software company and support must be available in real time. Venti's v-Assist service allows software support groups to quickly get access to the remote customer's PC, draw on the screen, watch the customer re-create a problem, and even push software to help the customer. This is all possible in 20 seconds after the customer calls. Software support agents can quickly help the customer, show them "tricks", and greatly increase the value of their software product.


IT Departments/Help Desks

Within companies, IT personnel are looking for solutions that go beyond the firewall. Great products exist for managing the domain, but few provide fast access to remote workers, mobile employees, branch offices, and remote customer sites. Venti enables an easy solution for supporting these desparate groups quickly and without any pre-installed software. If 24/7 access is required for remote servers or PCs, Venti's v-Manage service will allow IT departments to set up secure, persistent connections without the complexity of VPNs or other technologies. Further, Venti makes its resident client technology avaiable for installation "at will" (install, uninstall, reinstall on different machines) without constantly re-registering with Venti.


Distributed Businesses

Many of Venti's customers are companies that have distributed branch offices, remote (home office) workers, and mobile employees. These support organizations are challenged with gaining access to remote computers for trouble situations, as well as for installing new software or changing settings. Traditional support solutions do not provide easy solutions for helping employees in these dynamic network situations. Venti's on-demand solutions make getting remote control of a distant computer fast and easy, helping immediately to increase the productivity of the business.


Professional Services Firms and Departments

Professional services groups use Venti to allow for monitoring and "burn in" of hardware and software systems over time after a complex installation. With Venti, support personnel can monitor the new installation, gain immediate access in a trouble situation, and provide a very high level of customer support during critical startup times. PS groups particularly appreciate Venti's liberal policy allowing for installation, removal, and reinstallation of resident clients on systems being shipped, without having to register each machine with Venti in advance.


Call Centers

Venti has call center customers servicing PC warranties, software support, and a variety of other technical support scenarios. Call center managers appreciate the simplicity of Venti and the fast time-to-value from the technology and in the ability to train new support agents in minutes, not days. Support personnel can quickly start helping customers and benefiting from Venti, while adding value to the support operation immediately.


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