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Venti Solutions is fortunate to have partners who share our vision to help companies of all sizes benefit from outstanding IT software solutions available today primarily to only large enterprises.

If you would like to join our growing list of partners in serving the small and medium business market with a strong portfolio of solutions please contact Venti at:

The following illustrates the types of relationships Venti has established with partners and is seeking to expand in the US and internationally.


Strategic Alliances

Venti is strategically aligned with several companies, including LANDesk Software, an industry leading provider of enterprise IT software solutions. Venti is interested in working with companies on several fronts: 1) expanding the viability of core technology developed by these companies, 2) integrating Venti's service offerings with other IT services to provide a broader "suite" of services for the SMB market and other specific underserved markets, and 3) using Venti's core technology as a key component in new product developments with partners.



Venti is involved in OEM work in both "inbound" and "outbound" venues. Inbound relationships involved Venti using 3rd party software as the basis for enhancing Venti's offerings to existing and future cusotmers. These can consist of both Venti hosting the technology or an integration across services hosted in different locations. Outbound relationships involve companies using Venti's capabilities, technology, and market positions to expand their market presence (e.g., help desk software companies integrating Venti for remote support). Venti can go as far as to provide a "branded" services experience for our partner's customers that appears to be completely provided by our partner. In this situation, Venti becomes the "brand behind the brand".



Marketing relationships can widely range from simple referrals of customers to Venti to joint marketing efforts that offer "bundles" of products to the end customer. Venti has active campaigns underway with partners in this category that are marketing Venti directly, referring or selling customers, and offering Venti as an add-on to their existing product sales. All of these marketing relationships are welcomed by Venti, as well as others our partners suggest.


Product Development

The is no lack of ideas in how Venti's capabilities can be used in service offerings that do not exist today in the market. Venti is constantly vetting these ideas with market research and looking at ways to offer profitable and beneficial services that can be sold, integrated, or adopted by companies in the IT market, as well as other business applications. Venti is open to and is considering a variety of these possible product directions. Please contact Venti with your ideas as well.


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