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Features & Pricing

No Annual Commitment, Fees are per Support Person Only

Venti charges a simple month-to-month subscription fee per support person. You can help any number of customers, employees and computers for no additional charges. So, for as little as $39/month, you can support all your remote users, customers, and computers whenever help is needed. Venti offers aggressive discounts for multiple technician subscriptions. We believe in giving everyone who needs access the ability to use the service whenever they need to.....your days of sharing subscriptions (and not being able to connect when you need to) because of cost are over!

Choice of IT, Desktop Management, and Software Support Features

Venti provides a service that is right for every user in your organization. Choose the subscription that best fits the specific needs of each individual user. Feel free to "mix and match" Venti subscriptions to meet your needs. Your users and technicians will share a common "queue" in supporting clients:

As low as $39 (month-to-month subscriptions)

Features v-Assist v-Manage v-Reach
Full remote PC control
Highlight and Draw
Full screen
Speed Optimization
File transfer (2-way)  
Session Log (actions, timestamps)  
System Info/Inventory  
Reboot and Reconnect  
24/7 resident client (unattended)    
Both resident and on-demand usage    

Monthly Subscriptions (ASP Service Model)

Venti uses a named-user subscription model (i.e., every user or technician has their own subscription). Multiple users on the same named subscription is a violation of the End User License Agreement (EULA). Venti does, however, offer cost effective concurrent subscription models upon request for specific circumstances (ask us for a quote). Venti also offers discounts for annual payment if you would prefer to pay for a year in advance. This is, however, not required as it is with many services.


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