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On Demand Platform

The Venti On-Demand platform is an Internet-hosted system that employs three different Venti remote control services; v-Assist, v-Manage & v-Reach. The On-Demand platform has three main components; The support agent Console, the client (i.e. software that runs on the PC or server being serviced) and the broker. Each of these components is used across all of the Venti remote control services. The diagram listed below illustrates the On-Demand platform as it supports each service.

On Demand PC Support Platform Components

  1. Support Agent Console
    This single piece of software provides a support agent with the ability for remote access via whichever Venti service he/she has subscribed for. While the services vary in capabilities, every console works the same way. Training can therefore be completed in just 15 minutes for any support agent.

  2. Client
    This is the software that runs on the remote computer and enables the support session. There are two types of Venti client agents:
    1. On-Demand Client (attended): The client is downloaded, installed, runs during the session and is then fully deletes itself after every use. A person is required on the client side of the connection for every session giving the support agent permission to control the client machine.
    2. 24x7 Resident Client (unattended): This client is installed by a v-Manage user on any Windows NT, 2000 or 2003 Server. v-Manage can then access and control any server, at any time. For security purposes, the v-Manage support agent must enter the server authorization credentials to connect to the remote machine. v-Manage users also have the ability to conduct ondemand sessions with attended remote PCs.

  3. Broker
    The Broker Software is where the magic happens. This software is hosted by Venti and ?brokers? the connection by receiving an SSL connection request from both a Support Agent Console and a client machine. The broker server connects the two ends of a support session while maintaining 128 bit encrypted packets. The session is never decoded on the server. Therefore, a session is secure from end-to-end. Further, both support agents and clients reach out from behind their own firewalls. This makes the Venti services work where competitors fail. Rather that trying to ?punch? through firewalls ? both sides are reaching out ? and finding the broker ? and the connection is established immediately.

Secure Remote Access

No viable remote desktop solution is complete without assured end-to-end session security. Notice in the diagram below how the On-Demand management platform manages the encrypted support sessions. Every session is managed via 128 bit SSL connections, which remain encrypted from the Support Agent Console all the way through to the person/machine receiving support. Every piece of information remains encrypted ? even as it passes through the Venti Broker servers. Not even Venti cannot see the session activity.


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