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Venti's services began with products from LANDesk Software, an industry leading enterprise IT solutions provider with millions of users worldwide. Venti has taken these outstanding capabilities, significantly modified the software for hosted Internet use and made them available to companies of all sizes through a simple monthly subscription model (requiring no purchases of software or dedicated hardware). We manage the software and servers 24/7, you provide the support to your customers where and when it is needed. Begin helping your clients in a few minutes!

With v-Assist, you can take control of any Windows PC anywhere in the world in less than one minute over the Internet. v-Assist does not require any pre-installed software on the remote PC. You simply direct your customer to a branded page with your logo (can be a link from your website) and in 2-3 clicks you have complete control. Once there, you have the tools at hand to provide whatever support is required. Venti has also simplified the client experience for even the most technically challenged customers you support! Your customers will love save time and money, and problems get resolved much more quickly.

v-Manage includes all the capabilities of v-Assist......PLUS..... you can manage unattended servers or computers 24/7 over the Internet. Unlike other products, v-Manage does not require VPN technology or resident agents that punch new (and unnecessary) holes in your customer's firewall. v-Manage uses standard port 443 (SSL) and is immediately available once installed. Unlike other services, Venti allows for you to download, install, uninstall, and reinstall resident clients without registering with us. You simply manage the total number of connections you need through Venti's servers. You are really getting two products in one using the same user interface and feature set!

Using v-Reach, you can quickly take control of a remote user's PC and provide quick help, web training or software support. v-Reach has a subset of the features of v-Assist, but at an even more affordable price. v-Reach is perfect for triage of PC problems, fast software support, or helping a customer through any easy problem without an onsite visit or lengthy phone call.


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