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v-Assist is a remote PC support service delivered via the Internet. You will be able to fully use the service in a few minutes (no long training sessions), immediately connecting with any Windows PC user anywhere and providing world class service using an industry leading solution from LANDesk Software (currently used by millions of users worldwide).

Venti Solutions provides all of the technology, you provide the help. We deliver powerful support capabilities to you over the Internet from our servers (no need to buy software, dedicate hardware and then manage the servers in-house). Less time (and gas) driving to customer locations for problems you can fix immediately, while the customer is on the phone. Only go onsite when necesssary or profitable. Deliver better service, generate more revenue, and have happier customers! Help your customers from anywhere.....Starbucks, your home, your car, or even another customer's location!

v-Assist is extremely simple to use, requiring very little from the customer ("go to our website and click on START"). Three mouse clicks later you have complete control of their remote PC... all in LESS THAN ONE MINUTE!

We also provide our service on a month-to-month basis....NO ANNUAL COMMITMENT or full payment in advance. We earn your business every month!

  • Low monthly fee per support person (the only cost)
  • Unlimited remote PCs and support sessions
  • No resident software or new hardware to purchase or install
  • Permission granted by remote PC user (real-time)
  • All PCs with Windows 95 and above
  • Support person is ready to go in 5 minutes of trying the service
  • Full support in three mouse clicks
  • Works through firewalls, with full SSL encryption (port 443)

We are confident that v-Assist is what IT professionals are searching for. Powerful, easy to use, affordable monthly subscription, and world class software......!



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