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v-Manage allows you to access desktops and servers 24/7 over the Internet through dedicated, persistent connections to your computer. You simply install the v-Manage resident client on the machines that you need 24/7 access to and you will have immediate access to any of these machines at any time.

v-Manage has the added benefit of also enabling the full on-demand capabilities of v-Assist. Not only will you be able to manage your remote systems 24/7, you will also be able to provide on-demand remote PC support for customers not having the v-Manage resident client installed on their PCs.

Unlike other products, V-Manage does not require VPN technology or resident software that punches new holes in your firewall. v-Manage uses standard port 443 (SSL) and is immediately available once installed. In addition, Venti allows for you to download, install, uninstall, and reinstall resident clients when convenient for you, without registering per machine. You only manage and pay for the number of connections you use through Venti's servers.

Venti Solutions provides all of the infrastructure for the service. You will receive the LANDesk software console via download to install on your computer (a 3 min process). You then install the v-Manage resident clients on the servers and PCs you wish to access (1 minute per machine) and you are ready to provide help or maintenance services whenever needed. All of the computers you manage (single company or many companies, even spread across the globe) appear on your Venti software console ready for access. On-demand services can also be provided via a separate "queue" where customers can request immediate service without having the v-Manage client installed.

v-Manage is really two product in one (both on-demand and 24/7 unattended access) using the same features, user interface, and ease of use!

A few of the long list of benefits of v-Manage:

  • Low monthly fee per support person
  • Resident clients included per support subscription
  • Unlimited on-demand support sessions
  • Secure, persistent connections to all v-Manage clients
  • Works with all PCs/Servers running Windows 95 and above
  • Support person is ready to go within 5 minutes of trying the service
  • Access managed by Windows passwords for v-Manage clients
  • Works through firewalls, with full SSL encryption (port 443)
  • Full suite of v-Assist capabilities for on-demand support (see "v-Assist")

Imagine being able to provide on-demand (real time) support and manage all of your servers 24/7 (across companies and domains as required) from a single, easy-to-use software console. Start today with v-Manage!



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