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Speed Tuning

Tune for maximum session performance

Listed below are two easy tuning recommendations to ensure your Venti support sessions go as quickly as possible. Please email support if you have any questions.

  1. Maximize session performance for broadband connection

    LAN speed is the default setting. You should immediately change this setting to ?broadband?. If you are supporting a client over a ?dial-up? connection, change to ?modem? speed. Properly setting the session speed can increase performance by as much as 150%.


    Click on the far-right toolbar icon and select Optimize for medium connection (Broadband)
    See settings below:

  2. Client or console downloads are taking more that 45 seconds:

    Venti applications (console and client) check Internet Explorer (IE) proxy server settings to see if the user accesses the Internet via a proxy server. IE has the capability to search for proxy servers automatically via the following setting:


    Tools -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings -> Automatically Detect Settings

    Please make sure that this check box is UNCHECKED. Otherwise IE spends at least 1 minute searching for a proxy server.
    See settings below:


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