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Technical FAQ

The information below is about the technology Venti is using. It will provide additional background on the software, Venti's implementation of the software and how the services work. It is not an FAQ for possible problems encountered during a support session. For this assistance, Venti has a comprehensive Troubleshooting FAQ that provides answers to most issues our customers have encountered over the years. Click here for the Troubleshooting FAQ .

Who wrote the software ?

Venti Solutions has both a hosting and source code license to remote support technology from LANDesk Software, Inc., a leading worldwide leader in enterprise IT software solutions ( This software is in use with millions of users worldwide in companies of all sizes. Venti's services are based on a product called Instant Support Suite (ISS) from LANDesk. Venti has taken this product, made significant software modifications and created three distinct web-based services from it. Venti has also created a web infrastructure (including the ability to multi-tenant the software in a hosted environment). Through Venti's efforts, an affordable world class solution is now available to anyone on a subscription basis over the Internet.

Can we buy the software and run it ourselves?

No. Venti only provides its services through a monthly subscription. The services are hosted by Venti on Venti's servers, in Venti's data center. You do not have to buy software to purchase, no dedicated hardware, no deployment costs, no training to pay for. Venti does all of this for you. All you need is a download of the Venti connection software on your laptop or PC and an Internet connection from which to provide support. Your client does not need any pre-installed software for you to connect with them.

Venti can, however, create a branded service for your company whereby your customers see the service as coming from your company, as if you were running the servers and managing the service yourself.

What about updates and enhancements?

Having the source code, Venti is now offering upgrades and enhancements to the software and making these immediately available to its customers.

Can Venti integrate to other IT solutions?

Absolutely. This will require contacting Venti to see what is available and what sort of business arrangements can be made.

Why are Venti's remote service different?

Venti's services are based on enterprise IT solutions from world class providers that sell to the Global 2000. Further, Venti offers both on-demand and 24/7 unattended access to remote computers in the same service offering. With competitive offerings, customers must buy two different products (with two price models, two UIs, two different tool sets, etc.)

How does the service work?

Venti Solutions hosts the servers necessary for your support agent to connect to any person requesting PC or software application support. Your support agent and client connect to Venti's broker server and Venti enables a direct connection between the two PCs. Your support agent can then help the client as if he/she were sitting in the client's chair, but with access to some powerful support tools. For resident clients, Venti maintains 24x7 connections to these machines, making them available at your convenience.

What is the "console" software?

The "console" is the user interface that the support agent uses to provide support. The console software resides on the support agent's PC.

What is the "client" software?

The "client" is the person seeking help from the support agent. The client software is downloaded to the client's PC when directed to a website by the support agent. This software enables connection to the support agent during the support session, then uninstalls completely at the end of the session and does not allow future access without a fresh download/install. "Resident Client" software through (Venti's v-Manage service) can be installed on an unattended PC or server for 24x7 access.

Does the console software stay on the support agent's PC?

Yes. The console software is a software application that remains on the support agent's PC at all times. Launching the software connects the support agent to the broker server.

Can I control anyone?

Support agents can control any Windows PC anywhere, at any time.

What browsers can I use?

Venti works with IE, Firefox, and other browsers.

In addition, Venti provides a direct download of the client software without the need for a browser. This is the answer to tech support people or organizations that prefer a direct connection without the need for a browser. This is covered in detail in the Troubleshooting FAQ.

How do I load the console software?

Upon purchasing a service subscription from Venti, you will receive an email with websites for console and client software downloads, as well as console software credentials and complete instructions. Venti also provides comprehensive training tutorials on their website.

What are my console credentials?

Every console is unique ("named"). Venti assigns a user ID, user email, and authorization code. This information is emailed upon purchasing a service subscription.

What is the PIN for?

When installing the console software, a PIN is requested. This is a unique number assigned to the specific PC that the software is installed on. The PIN is chosen by the support agent and should be something easily remembered. Venti does not know this number. It protects the support PC from being used by unauthorized personnel.

Can I download the console more than one time?

Yes. Venti allows for several downloads to enable reloading the software if a machine is rebuilt or the software install is otherwise removed. Venti does not authorize anyone other than the "named" user to download the software to another PC for use at the same time as the initial download.

What website do I send my client to?

Upon purchasing a service subscription from Venti, you will receive an email with websites for console and client software downloads, as well as console software credentials.

What happens on the client side when they go to the designated website?

Clients will see a web page that is branded for their company, entitled "User Support". The client simply clicks on the large, blue "Start" button to begin.

Does any software remain on my client's PC?

At the end of the support session, the client software completely uninstalls from the client's PC. Any future support will require that the client download the client software again from the designated Venti website. The only exception to this is Venti's v-Manage service that allows for the installation of "resident clients" that make remote machines available 24/7 through "nailed up" connections to your company's broker.

What is the "broker" server?

The broker server is owned and operated by Venti Solutions in a world class data center. This server "brokers" a connection between the support agent and client based on real-time consent of both parties.

Can I brand the service to appear to be our company?

Yes. Venti will host and brand a page that appears to clients to be a service provided by your company. This is typically covered in the setup charge when you start your service with Venti. This hosted page runs on Venti's servers, but you can easily link to it from a button or link on your company website.

Can I link to the service from our website?

Yes. You can download the client software directly and put it behind a button on your website. If you prefer, the client software download URL can simply be a link on your website.

Can other people see what I am doing?

No. Venti sessions are completely secure using 128-bit encryption end-to-end. Venti cannot see what the support agent is doing during the support session.

How do I guard against another support agent connecting to my clients?

First of all, your clients are only visible to your support team. They can, however, appear ready for support to all members of your team when they enter the support queue. This is great for giving the entire team access to all customers and persistent server connections. The best defense in keeping from the wrong person connecting to a client is the be in direct contact with clients during the client software install process. Once the client enters the on-demand queue, a gray box from the broker will also appear on the client side. Once the support agent connects, his/her name and machine ID will appear on this box (e.g., support agent: Brian).

Once connected to my client, can anyone take control from me or see what I am doing?

No, absolutely not.

Why do I never see anyone other than my client on my console software?

Venti engineers its service to minimize the possibility that support agents see any clients other than the one they are talking to in real time. This is further reduced by only making clients available for support for one minute on the broker. If they are not connected to a support agent in that timeframe, the client must reinstall the client software and go through the client software download process again.

How can my client verify that I am the one controlling their PC?

The client will see your name and PC name. Further, Venti recommends writing your name on their screen.

Can I change the way that my clients connect to my support agents?

Yes. Clients can be directed to client software download websites via website links, direct downloads, links in email messages, and other means. Further, Venti offers "resident agents" through its V-Manage service that gives support agents 24/7 access to PCs or servers that are unattended.

Can I connect to PCs through firewalls?

Yes. Venti does not go through firewalls per se. Rather, the client is directed to a website (comes out from behind the firewall). The brokering takes place outside of all firewalls.

Can't other products get through firewalls too?

Sure, but most other products require that an IT manager open up ports that are normally locked down. Venti uses port 443 (standard SSL), which is nearly always open for users behind a firewall. Opening additional ports on the firewall is never a good idea and presents a security threat to the business.

Is my support session secure?

Yes. Venti uses 128-bit SSL encryption end-to-end.

How do I know if my client can connect to me (before trying the service)?

Venti uses port 443 SSL. In general, if your client can go to and purchase a book, they can connect and benefit from Venti.

How do I report problems?

Click on the support link on Venti Solutions website to send an email to Venti's support staff. There is also a detailed Troubleshooting FAQ that addresses most common problems. Most of these are client side issues related to IE settings, firewall blocks, Microsoft updates, and connection specific concerns.

Where are the servers located?

Venti's servers are located in a world class data center in Colorado. Venti's data center is used by hundreds of companies doing millions of dollars of revenue per year in e-commerce, IT and other Internet services. It has 24/7 staffing, redundant power and ISP connectivity, full security and environmental management.

Can I get a record of the support session?

Yes. Each support session is recorded into a text file in the same directory as the console software on the support agent's PC.

Does the client get a record of the support session?

Yes. Each support session terminates with a web page on the client side that includes the name of the support agent, support PC, and any files that were uploaded or downloaded during the session.

Why should we choose Venti?

Venti offers the only services that are both cost effective and based on proven world class enteprise IT software. We have chosen industry leading solutions and are providing them to companies of all sizes by convenient monthly subscriptions. Our unique values are: 1) world class solutions, 2) low cost, and 3) ease of use (for both the support person and the remote client).




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