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Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)

What are the proper browser settings for the Venti Remote Client?

Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) forced a change in the Internet Explorer (IE) security settings. SP2 also introduced the "Information Bar" to Internet Explorer. The Information Bar has the ability to block pop-ups and downloads. Below is a picture describing what your customers will see when they try to download and install the Venti client (which is an ActiveX control). These customers will see this picture telling them to allow the ActiveX control by clicking on the new Information Bar thereby allowing the Venti client to download and run. Of course, once the Venti support session is complete, this ActiveX control will delete itself from the client's computer and they will have to allow the ActiveX control again the next time they use Venti.

When possible, support agents using the Venti Support Agent Console should direct the customer to change their IE security settings to Default (Medium). Setting IE security settings to "Medium" ensures that users will be prompted before any ActiveX is installed on their computer. This is secure as any ActiveX will require permission by the computer user. It does not, however, automatically force ActiveX to fail and pop up the Information Bar.

If IE security settings are set to "High" or are set to "Custom Level" (see picture below), users must ensure that ActiveX is not disabled (the default). Users should change ActiveX settings to prompt for every ActiveX installation in IE via the "Tools" menu: Tools->Internet Option->Security->Custom Level and change "Automatic Prompting for ActiveX Controls" to "Enable".

Users must click on the new Internet Explorer Information Bar to allow the Venti ActiveX control


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